Two hurt as LA airport air bridge collapses

Hotel News - 25/08/2011

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An air bridge ferrying passengers from an American Airlines flight at Los Angeles International Airport gave way, leaving two people with injuries. The two people, the captain and one passenger from AA flight 557, fell more than three metres onto the ground.

The incidence occurred as people were departing the American Airlines Boeing 737 though the passenger loading bridge. Known as a jet bridge in the USA and air bridge in Europe, the movable walkway used to connect the aircraft to the terminal collapsed as the two people stepped onto it.

The flight had arrived from Chicago at around 6.40pm, said airline spokesperson Rhonda Rathje. A spokesman with the fire department said both of the injured people were taken to the Daniel Freeman Memorial Hospital, where they were listed as being in fair condition.

News reports said the two complained of pain in their necks, backs and ankles. Rathje added that the passenger had been treated by the hospital and released but there was no report on the condition of the pilot.

According to the airport, the incident did not leave the plane with any damage. The jet had stopped in Chicago on its way from Boston, and was carrying a total of 107 crew members and passengers. Diana Sanchez, speaking for the airport, said investigators will still trying to determine what cause the air bridge to collapse.

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