East Midlands fills half of the airport’s goal of 1,000 jobs

Hotel News - 29/08/2011

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East Midlands Airport has already managed to hit the half-way mark on the way to its goal of creating a thousand new jobs. The airport announced that it had filled more than 500 jobs.

The new positions cover a range of titles and responsibilities from jobs in the airport’s new hotel or helping a courier service chase birds off the runway from its base at the airport. Managers say a number of job events are in the works in a bid to find ideal candidates for the posts that still need to be filled.

The good news is fillip following the unfortunate revelation that East Midlands Airport has seen both passenger numbers and profits fall. The airport is aiming to meet its target of hiring 1,000 new workers by April.

Brad Miller, managing director at the airport, says the airport is doing its own recruitment and the thousand new jobs cover all different sectors. He went on to provide one example, airport ambassadors hired to keep constant tabs on the check-in hall to spot anybody who needs directions or other assistance.

The new Radisson Blue hotel, a £22-million development, is hiring a hundred new staff. Approximately 7,000 people already work at the airport, which is the second-biggest freight hub in the UK.

It was recently revealed that the airport saw a drop in passenger numbers, which dropped from about 4.5 million in April last year, to 4.1 million in April this year. Over the same period, the airport’s profits fell £2.6 million, to £7.1 million.

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