Prices up 6% at Heathrow hotels

Hotel News - 01/09/2011

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The price of a room at one of Heathrow’s hotels has gone up by six per cent, marking the largest increase in room rates seen this year. The findings have emerged in a study carried out by HRG, a corporate services company.

The headline figure is that the average rate for a room at Heathrow Airport hotels is £110.60 during the first half of the year, six per cent above the rate measured over the same period of 2010. The average rate for hotels in London came out at £156.82, two per cent above the price in last year’s survey of the same period.

The survey also looked at the average rates for rooms at hotels in Manchester, Leeds and Bristol. The average increase in those cities was also found to be two per cent.

In Belfast and Birmingham, hotels were found to be priced at roughly the same rate as last year. In Edinburgh, however, room rates on average fell one per cent, with Glasgow seeing the same result and Newcastle upon Tyne dropping two per cent.

The cost of the average hotel room in Liverpool was found to have dropped by seven per cent. Elsewhere, the survey deemed London to offer relatively cheap rooms during the first half of 2011.

Room rates in some two dozen other major cities around the world were found to be pricier than London. Moscow was found to cost the most, with an average hotel room coming in at £260.68.

Zurich, meanwhile, was home to the biggest increase in room rates. The average room rate in the Swiss city, £220.40, has gone up by 17 per cent compared to last year.

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