NZ air scare caused by TV pilot prank

Hotel News - 19/09/2011

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A major security alert was triggered at an airport in New Zealand after a man dressed as a pilot tried to get into a restricted area before running away when challenged. The scare turned out to have been caused by a clumsy prank for a television show.

The alert included police issuing grainy video footage of the fake pilot, who had escaped from Aukland Airport on Saturday afternoon with a pair of dodgy-looking accomplices. It turned out, however, that this was no terrorist scare.

The incident immediately prompted concerns of a terrorist attack during New Zealand’s hosting of this year’s Rugby World Cup. In fact, the unfortunate episode turned out to be a rather ridiculous stunt for television.

The three suspects were not terrorists but were in fact members of a team of TV producers engaged in a complex prank. Despite their not being terrorists, however, the three still face significant legal problems.

As a result of the incident, the three people would end up in prison. Ben Boyce, who fronts the programme and is thought to have been the fake pilot, released a statement in which he said he was ‘so sorry for’ having created all of this trouble.

Mr Boyce went on to say that the group had never intended to cause any concern or worry, or to breach security. Boyce, who is 33 years old, appeared in Manukau District Court today, along with 32-year-old Bryce Anthony, who is a radio DJ, and 26-year-old TV producer Andrew Logan Robinson.

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