Radisson Blu brings new green standards

Hotel News - 26/09/2011

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The latest hotel at Midlands Hotel is introducing a new standard in environmental performance for hotels in Europe. The Radisson Blu Hotel East Midlands Airport has had its Energy Performance Certification rated at two, making it the most efficient hotel in the Redizor European portfolio, which includes more than 400 hotels.

The new hotel has been engineered to meet the highest levels of green performance, with a carbon-neutral implementation that helps drive East Midlands Airport’s objective of providing ground operations that are carbon neutral by next year. In addition to its green performance focus, the hotel has been designed with the aviation theme in mind and includes design cues that link it to the National Forest nearby.

The aviation theme is easiest to see in the pair of striking five-storey ‘wings’ that are clad in aluminium. The entrance lobby of the hotel further extends this modern aviation theme.

The hotel has received a range of key green evaluations that include an a pre-assessment rating for environmental performance currently set at ‘Excellent’. Compared to hotels using traditional build techniques, the new Radisson Blu cuts carbon dioxide production by 85 per cent.

The hotel’s Energy Performance Certificate rating for construction is an impressive ‘A+’. The complex gets its heat and power from a tri-generation system that uses a compined heat and power plant that runs on recycled oil produced from the cooking of food.

The hotel, which boasts 218 rooms and cost £22 million to build uses a novel four-pipe cooling and heating system, as well as motion-sensitive lighting, and rainwater harvesting. Special underground storage tanks can hold 62,500 litres of surface water in SUD (Sustainable Urban Drainage) systems.

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