Emergency bag toilets to be stocked on Dutch trains

Hotel News - 10/10/2011

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The announcement comes via train operator Dutch National Railways, which said, as part of its updated first-aid precautions, it would be putting hundreds of the plastic devices on trains to allow passengers to urinate during an emergency. One spokesman said they would prove useful in an event such as a power failure.

Jeroen von Geusau said on behalf of the organisation that all Dutch commuter trains that do not have traditional restroom facilities will carry the devices from now on. He added that, in the case that passengers have to wait three or four hours for services to be resumed, it was only logical to assume that some will have to use the restroom.

About 16 per cent of the country’s trains do not have toilets. Mr von Geusau said most of these were Sprinter trains, which during normal services stop every 5-10 minutes.

Travel John, which makes the travel toilets, says on its website that they are for any situation when someone has no access to sanitary or traditional toilet facilities. The AFP reports that the bag is filled with a powder-like substance that transforms into a gel when urinated into.

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