Hologram assistant at East Midlands airport

Hotel News - 20/10/2011

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The holographic projection shows Heather Hodson, the airport’s senior terminal services assistant, who advises travellers about up-to-date liquid restrictions and about the security screening process.

Officials from the airport said the technology, which comes along with its recent £200,000 revamp of the security area, has been previously used by major music touring acts including the Black Eyed Peas and Madonna.

East Midlands airport managing director Brad Miller said that the refurbishment, which included a number of structural changes, was done in the effort of improving passenger flow and easing travellers’ journeys via a more efficient way of utilising the space available.

Miller went on to say that the new hologram was extremely helpful in advising passengers because it attracts attention, which allows them to clearly hear informative, simple messages and that that the hope was this would lead to a better overall experience for those utilising the airport.

He added that continuing to introduce new methods of communicating vital messages was important because regulations frequently change and many passengers are not always aware of current restrictions.

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