Air France cancels fewer flights than expected

Hotel News - 31/10/2011

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Air France-KLM said ahead of planned industrial action that it would likely be cancelling about 20 per cent of its scheduled services at the weekend. However, reports issued today showed that 87 per cent of AF flights took off on Saturday and on Sunday the number improved to 88 per cent.

Nine Air France long-haul routes were cancelled including some to New York, Abu Dhabi and Tokyo, whereas the airline was forced to limit some of its domestic services to 100 passengers per flight in order to comply with safety regulations setting ratios between the number of passengers and flight attendants. This resulted in many passengers from boarding flights despite hundreds of empty seats available.

French labour unions had called on the carrier’s ground workers and cabin crew members to take part in five days of industrial action stretching from Saturday to Wednesday over conditions and pay. One of the main issues in the dispute is the airline’s effort to reduce the number of cabin crew members on each of its long-haul flights.

But officials for the Paris-based French flag carrier called the strikes ‘incomprehensible’ and said that unions were taking the company hostage.

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