Grounded Qantas passengers to get free tickets

Hotel News - 07/11/2011

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The Australian flag carrier said this week that the move comes in the effort of ‘saying sorry’ and regaining the confidence of its loyal customers. The apology follows the unprecedented grounding of the entire Qantas by chief executive Alan Joyce last weekend in response to heightening tensions between carrier management and labour unions.

And now the airline has said that any passengers that had experienced ‘reasonable losses’ during the 48-hour halt, which grounded flights in 22 cities around the world, would be given a free economy return ticket for flights within Australia and New Zealand. The effort will cost Qantas some AUD $19.5 million, (£12.5 million), experts say.

In an official statement Mr Joyce said to reporters that his airline wanted to apologise to its customers whilst moving forward towards a period of greater stability for Qantas.

However the airline saw yet another setback for its reliability image on Friday when a QF flight between Singapore and London was forced to divert to Dubai International Airport due to an engine shutdown. It comes precisely a year after the Qantas A380 engine explosion in Singapore, which led to a massive settlement with engine maker Rolls Royce and the grounding of A380s worldwide.

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