Durham Tees Valley airport defends border check policy

Hotel News - 17/11/2011

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The news comes after leaked emails had suggested that some Border Agency employees working at Durham Tees Valley Airport facility had raised concerns that private jet passengers weren’t being properly handled. This came alongside a government statement that a pilot program for reducing border checks at 28 airports and ports had been implemented.

However officials from the airport have now claimed that its checks on all incoming passengers are ‘appropriate’.

But the leaked emails had shown that inbound travellers on private jets were able to pass through Durham Tees Valley Airport without and sort of Border Agency checks, which has prompted security fears. One of the documents shows that a Border Agency official had written to the airport’s management complained that agency personnel weren’t allowed to even see some passengers.

However Shaun Woods, general manager of Durham Tees Valley Airport said that any suggestion that any passengers or crew are able to pass through the facility without proper border checks was ‘plain wrong’. He added that there are some circumstances in which the Border Agency has arrangements for private flight passengers and crew to undergo pre-arrival checks. Woods said such cases require extensive information to be given to officials beforehand and is only permitted for persons from EU countries or from the European Economic Area.

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