Air France to repair Libyan jetliners

Hotel News - 22/12/2011

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Officials for Air France-KLM said this week that it was to repair and help maintain aircraft belonging to Libyan Airlines and Afriqiyah Airways that had been damaged during the recent Libyan uprising preceding the overthrow of dictator Muammar Gaddafi.

A statement released by officials from Afriqiyah Airways said that the firm was to resume its previous engineering and maintenance contract with Paris-based Air France Industries KLM in regards to its Airbus A320 and A330 aircraft. The two companies had first paired up in 2008, but the work was put on hold earlier this year due to political turbulence in Libya and the surrounding region.

Similarly, Libya’s flag carrier Libyan Airlines said that it had entered a new five-year deal with Air France for repairs and maintenance on its set of seven A320s, though the carrier has not yet taken delivery on three of the planes.

Meanwhile, Air France officials said that service to the Libyan capital would be resuming once operational and safety regulations had been properly met.

The news comes just after France’s trade minister, Pierre Lellouche, said amid a visit to Tripoli on Tuesday that Europe-based jet maker Airbus had recently engaged in negotiations with Libyan companies regarding backlogged delivery of aircraft as a result of the uprising.

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