Travellers hail credit card fee ban

Hotel News - 26/12/2011

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The news comes after several years of steadily rising rates for credit cars service fees in the travel industry, most notably for airline passengers. Ryanair has recently imposed credit card fees that have risen 1,500 per cent, amounting to £12 per return ticket, since their introduction seven years ago.

And since such fees are charged for each passenger on an itinerary, a family of four faces an additional £48 on top of the price of return tickets. Such fees come despite credit and debit card transactions costing travel firms only 20p in many cases, consumer groups say.

But ministers’ decision to disallow airlines and tour agencies from imposing such charges has been called “a huge victory” for holidaymakers in Britain by Which?. The consumer watchdog had strongly opposed such fees via its recent campaign, which had gained support from more than 50,000 people from around the UK.

Although Flybe, easyJet, British Airways and other carriers also impose credit card fees, Ireland-based Ryanair has been at the centre of the debate. Despite overwhelming complaints, the company maintains that it has continually provided at least one method of payment that enabled consumers to avoid credit card fees.

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