Britons among Qantas jet plunge settlement recipients

Hotel News - 02/01/2012

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Oxford residents Henry Bishop and Doreen, his wife, told Australian reporters last week that they simply looked at each other and said they hoped that “it would be easy” when their jet dropped more than 1,800 feet in 23 seconds during a Qantas flight from Singapore to Perth in October of 2008.

Of more than 300 passengers onboard, the pair was among more than 140 people injured in the ordeal that will now be receiving settlements of up to £250,000 in a US-based lawsuit against Airbus and navigation system developer Northrop Grumman.

In the final report issued by the Australian Transport Safety Bureau, Northrop Grumman systems had sent false information to computers on the Airbus A330, causing the violent drop in altitude. However, pilots were able to recover the aircraft before bringing to a safe landing at Perth airport.

ATSB officials said that at least 110 passengers and 10 members of the Qantas crew were hurt; a total of 39 had to be treated in hospital whilst 12 sustained “serious” injuries. Lawyer Floyd Wisner, head lawyer for the lawsuit said that broken bones, fractured vertebrae, cuts and psychological issues were among the injuries suffered during the ordeal.

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