UK launches hydrogen car project

Hotel News - 19/01/2012

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The program announced this week, called UKH2Mobility, comes as a combined effort between three government agencies, several carmakers, utility and energy companies as well as infrastructure bodies.

The consortium says its goal is to make hydrogen powered vehicles a viable option for British consumers within the next three years and to make the country a top player in producing the cars for markets around the world.

Business minister Mark Prisk said in an official statement on Wednesday that fuel cell vehicles are increasingly becoming one of the most important options for reduced carbon motoring in the years to come.

The next step for the project, according to officials, is to address the cost and viability of upgrading the UK’s infrastructure to provide consumers with widely available charging stations, which Prisk said would allow hydrogen vehicles to become attractive to new car buyers. The possibility of job creation and economic benefits will also be assessed, the group said.

Nissan’s head of vehicle design, Jerry Hardcastle, told reporters that the program was very important to automakers because hydrogen vehicles could eventually represent a significant portion of cars in the United Kingdom in the near future.

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