Cameron prepares for revolt over Thames airport

Hotel News - 26/01/2012

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MPs from all parties say that the plan, which would see a new London airport built on an island in the Thames Estuary, would create massive environmental damage. Six backbench MPs this week have signed a letter written to the PM asking him to abandon the proposal due to the impact on the proposed location, which environmentalists say is crucial for migratory birds and other types of wildlife.

The news comes as Mr Cameron is already facing backlash from Tory ministers over plans to run rail services through the Chilterns in Northamptonshire.

Cameron had maintained until the proposal was revealed that officials were not working on plans for an airport in the Isle of Grain in the estuary, now dubbed ‘Boris Island’ airport due to mayor Johnson’s backing of the plan. But in early January the Prime Minister announced that the Government would be commissioning a full consultation on the feasibility of the proposal.

The letter to Mr Cameron said that the environmental impact that would be created by building Boris Island would have “global” effects and would also have a major impact on local residents.

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