Booking surge for Inverness hotels

Hotel News - 16/02/2012

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The Highland community’s year-on-year revenues for hotels, also referred to as ‘rooms yield’, increased 18 per cent in December, according to a recent report by business advice and accounting firm PKF. Similarly, occupancy rates for the same period rose 29.8 per cent from figures seen in 2010.

The numbers come in contrast to a Scotland-wide year-on-year increase in occupancy rates of 5.3 per cent and a 1.4 per cent rise in revenues during the same one-month period. December saw occupancy rates in Glasgow rise 2.9 percent coupled with a 2.9 per cent decrease in revenue, whilst Edinburg saw occupancy climb 5.4 per cent as revenues fell by just 0.1 per cent.

PKF real estate and hospitality partner Alastair Rae said that 2011 had been an “excellent” year for Inverness, adding that the staycation trend was likely the primary cause of the boom. He went on to say that although the hotel industry in Edinburgh has not completely escaped recession-related effects that it seemed to be “weathering the storm” better than most other markets in the United Kingdom.

Other figures in the report showed that Scotland as a whole outperformed all other areas in the UK last year, with the exception of London.

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