InterContinental to create 3000 UK jobs

Hotel News - 23/02/2012

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The largest hotel conglomerate in the world announced this week that the new jobs will be rolled out over the next three years thanks to support from its new training academy, which will be based in London. The facility will be a cooperative effort between IHG and Newham College and its site is located in the eastern part of the capital near the Olympic stadium.

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg said in a statement whilst attending the academy’s launch ceremony that the news would be much welcomed by the 1 million or so Britons that are currently unemployed. He went on to say that the UK’s service sector was “world-beating” and that it would soon be welcoming millions from around the world just ahead of the 2012 Olympic games.

The announcement by IHG comes on the heels of other major job creation initiatives from the service and catering industry; fast food chains Subway and McDonald’s recently announced that the would begin hiring a substantial amount of new staff members.

In addition to the academy, InterContinental said that the forthcoming launch of two new properties in time for the Olympics would entail new jobs as well.

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