Isle of Wright hotel collapses after fire

Hotel News - 19/03/2012

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Guests were evacuated from the Ryde Castle Hotel in Ryde at around 22:00 BST on Saturday when the blaze ignited during a wedding reception at the property. Six fire teams quickly arrived at the scene and no injuries were reported, however the structure has since failed, officials said.

An official cause of the fire has not yet been determined but fire investigators are looking into the possibility that it may have been ignited by a fireworks display set off during the wedding reception. The collapse happened early on Sunday after teams had left the building; however, crews remained on the scene through much of the day.

Chief fire officer Steve Apter told reporters that around 50 individuals had been dispatched to extinguish the blaze and that complications arose due to the structures old construction, which made it difficult to reach the upper and central floors of the building. He added that the hotel’s management had been able to get all guests and the wedding party out of the building quickly and that they had all been provided with alternative accommodation in Ryde.

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