Heathrow amid preparations for Easter passenger surge

Hotel News - 29/03/2012

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Fresh figures from the facility’s Spanish-owned operating firm, the BAA, show that more than 25 per cent more passengers are to move through the UK’s primary air gateway than during an average two-week period. Some 3.4 million travellers are expected, officials say, whereas a normal fortnight typically sees around 2.7 million travellers.

The peak of what will be the busiest travel period yet for 2012 will be this Friday, when Heathrow will host some 220,000 passengers, compared to the normal figure of 190,000. However, the number is still several thousand short of the all-time record of 233,561 in a single day, set last July.

Meanwhile, motorist face the possibility of a spike in petrol costs, the RAC warns, due to looming industrial action by unions representing oil tankers. However, RAC spokeswoman Vicki Burn said that the organisation was advising people not to ‘panic buy’ ahead of the possible spike because it was very difficult to predict exactly how a strike may impact the situation. She added that panic buying would only worsen the situation at a time when petrol has reached a record average high of £1.40 a litre.

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