Lack of passport checks amid Manchester airport mishap

Hotel News - 09/04/2012

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Manchester airport bosses confirmed to media on Friday that over the past fortnight some 100 travellers arriving on three different flights from mainland Europe were able to get through the facility without having to undergo standard immigration arrival procedures. It is believed that one of the flights had arrived just a few days ago.

The group of passengers arriving form Malaga, Brussels and Antwerp had been channelled by sub-contracted airport workers to the facility’s domestic arrivals area rather than to the UK Border Agency’s international arrivals checkpoint in Terminal 3, according to reports.

Manchester airport’s operator said that it had quickly discovered the problem and thaf most passengers were eventually escorted to the international checkpoint. However, there were more than two dozen that had been allowed to leave the airport grounds without any checks.

A spokesman for the UK air gateway said in a statement that the issue’s threat to the UK was “negligible” and that bosses had indefinitely commissioned in-house staff to assist in channelling passengers from international arrivals. He added that the UK Border Agency was not to blame in the ordeal

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