NYC hotel café flooded with wet concrete

Hotel News - 19/04/2012

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The incident occurred in Midtown Manhattan in the late morning, where the Le Parker Meridien hotel saw huge amounts of the wet building material spill in after one of the windows of the property’s coffee bar gave way.

A spokeswoman from the New York City Buildings Department said that there were no injuries in the ordeal. However, the hotel has reported substantial damage to its swanky coffee bar, which features $6 hot chocolates and plush red velvet curtains.

Buildings Department officials said that the concrete had come from a construction project on 57th street, where workers were pouring the material to secure the fifth level of the structure when the containment unit collapsed at around 11:30am. The concrete then dropped quickly to the ground floor, shattering the window of the Le Parker Meridien café. Property spokesperson Marisa Zafran said that the hotel was lucky that the concrete did not reach its main lobby, which spans the full distance between 56th and 56th streets.

The firm managing the project, Hunter Roberts Construction Group, has not yet issued a statement.

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