Hotel prices on the rise for Jubilee

Hotel News - 30/04/2012

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Recent figures released by banking firm Santander show that the average price for a four-night stay in the capital during the bank weekend is 54 per cent higher this year than a normal stay of the same length in the month of May. The report shows that some proprieties are even charging rates 223 per cent higher than their average prices.

Meanwhile, prices for the same weekend are up only 8 per cent in Manchester but are currently up 28 per cent in Edinburgh.

Santander’s report shows that a family of four that opts for a four-night stay in a five-star hotel in London beginning on 2 June will face average rates about 81 per cent higher than if they were to stay in the same property for four nights beginning on 12 May. In contrast, those checking into four-star accommodation during the Jubilee weekend will only face a rise of about 28 per cent.

Santander’s Andy Smith said that the demand for rooms over the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee weekend was “fierce”. He said such conditions typically mean inflated prices but added that the rates uncovered in the report could even “price out” families entirely.

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