Fresh strike looming at UK airports

Hotel News - 03/05/2012

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Officials from the Immigration Services Union (ISU) said on Wednesday that the union had provided notification of the action to the government on behalf of some 4,500 workers from customs and immigration agencies. This comes alongside a similar statement of strike action on the same day issued by the Public and Commercial Services Union, which represents around 12,000 employees of from the UK Border Force.

The threat comes as the reputation of UK airports continues to suffer amid reports of immigration queues lasting in excess of two and a half hours just months before an unprecedented influx of passenger arrivals leading up to and during the London 2012 Olympics.

The action comes as a result of an ongoing dispute regarding recent pension reforms amid government efforts to slash annual public spending by raising the age for retirement eligibility. Both unions have said that further strikes are possible in June if no deal is reached beforehand.

Lucy Moreton of the ISU said to media that ‘the ball is in the cabinet office’s court’ and that the unions would suspend the action in the event of negotiations or would call it off it they agree to a fixed age of 65 for retirement eligibility.

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