Saudi Princess leaves hotel without paying £5 million bill

Hotel News - 04/06/2012

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Reports surfaced this week that a Saudi princess skipped out on paying a £5 million bill at a Paris hotel.

Princess Maha Al-Sudairi and her entourage of some 60 people were seen packing up piles luggage into a band of limousines at 3:30am last Friday evening. However the Princess, who the wayward spouse of Saudi Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz, managed to avoid arrest.

Hotel staff at the five-star Shangri-La Paris called police to the scene. But when officers arrived they were unable to arrest the woman and her servants due to diplomatic immunity. Hotel workers and all French authorities are only able to file a complaint with the Saudi Embassy regarding the ordeal.

This was despite that she was apparently attempting to skip out on paying after her group stayed several months after booking out an entire floor of the property.

Meanwhile, Princess Maha Al-Sudairi has been put up at the nearby Royal Monceau luxury hotel, which is owned by a ‘friend of the family’, the Emir of Qatar, who offered to accommodate her until the ordeal has been resolved.

This is not the first occasion in which the Princess has attempted and succeeded at such a feat. In fact, she reportedly has unpaid hotel bills throughout Europe alongside some £15 million in unpaid shopping debt, which includes some £60,000 worth of designer lingerie alone.

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