British taxpayers funded £1.8million Barbados hotel

Hotel News - 24/09/2012

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Controversy has arisen in the UK this week after it was revealed that some £1.8million in British tax aid went toward building a hotel in Barbados.

Reports said at the weekend that millions of pounds are going toward development efforts in dozens of wealthy countries including Canada, Brazil and China. The news comes despite a recent pledge from the Coalition government saying that taxpayers’ funds would only go to nations truly in need.

Among the most controversial investments was a specialized £1.8million hotel in Barbados, designed exclusively to train young people for careers in hospitality management, as well as a television advertising campaign designed to promote tourism in Iceland’s national parks.

The projects are part of a European aid scheme. British funding for the programme comes via the Department for International Development. Officials from the agency said that around 17 per cent of its budget goes directly to EU aid projects.

The revelation has provided fresh fuel for ongoing controversy over the UK budget. Conservative minister Dominic Raab said regarding the news that it was “farcical” that European authorities opt to spend nearly a billion pounds of UK taxes on middle income countries.

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