Travelodge announces expansion effort

Hotel News - 04/02/2013

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UK-based hotel firm Travelodge has announced plans to build 14 new properties in Europe.

Reports said last week that the scheme would see new facilities built in Spain and the United Kingdom, despite ongoing economic woes in both countries. The effort will bring about more than 400 jobs, according to Travelodge officials.

The firm will invest a total of £223 million for the effort, with some £57 million slated for improvements to existing Travelodge hotels.

The majority of the new properties will be located in Britain, with four to be launched in neighbourhoods in and around the capital: Walthamstow, Bethnal Green, Vauxhall and Hounslow. Elsewhere in the UK, new locations will include Manchester, Liverpool, Cambridge, Southport, Aylesbury, Chertsey and Kings Lynn.

There will be two new hotels in Spain; one in the seaside El Poblenoul district in Barcelona, as well as another in Madrid’s vibrant Julian Camarillo area.

Travelodge chief executive Grant Hearn said in a statement that the expansion scheme would help to ensure that Travelodge remains the UK’s best value chain and would further strengthen the brand’s product offering.

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