Premier Inn becomes best-known hotel brand in Britain

Hotel News - 29/08/2013

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Premier Inn has surpassed Hilton to become the best-known hotel brand in Briton.

The news comes via the most recent British Hotel Guest Survey carried out by BDRC Continental, which revealed that the no-frills chain has reached a 58 per cent unaided awareness rating amongst business travellers. Researches noted that the figure pushes the brand past US-based competitor Hilton for the first time ever in the British business market.

Meanwhile, the chain retained its position as the most familiar name among leisure gests with a rating of 66 per cent; low-cost competitor Travelodge came in second place whilst Hilton ranked third.

BDRC Continental’s hotel brand monitoring specialist Tim Sander said in a press release that although it has taken awhile for budget hotel chains to earn high recognition ratings that the market has changed so that Premier Inn and Travelodge are likely to remain at the top of the list for some time.

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