Parents face large fines to go on holiday

Hotel News - 17/02/2014

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<p>A survey has revealed that an enormous number of parents of school age children would be willing to face a fine when taking them out of school during term time to go on holiday. </p>

<p>The poll, conducted by Halifax, found that two fifths of parents would be willing to go against the rules introduced in September. Parents will find it even harder to take their children out of school during term time and be faced with a £60.00 per child fine which will increase to £120.00 if not paid within seven days.</p>

<p>If parents refuse to pay the fine, the resultant fine could reach £2,500 with the possibility of a three month jail sentence.</p>

<p>Petitions have been signed by parents who object to the new rules and forwarded to parliament in the hope that the problem of travel companies that charge higher costs during school holiday time, will be on the agenda. Some holiday companies are said to increase their prices by almost 200% when schools are closed for holidays.</p>

<p>The rule has replaced one that previously allowed headteacher’s to authorise absences of up to ten days at a time, this discretionary allowance has now been banned unless there are ‘exceptional circumstances’.</p>

<p>Many of the parents also said that they would prefer to pay the fine and save hundreds on their holiday. Only one third of parents would use savings to pay for the holiday, almost another third would use their current account but almost another third, the majority of this bracket has three or more children, would be paying for the holiday using their credit card. Another survey found that it wasn’t until the family earnings reached £84,000, that parents did not concern themselves about the cost of a holiday</p>

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