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Public inquiry to review expansion at Lydd Airport

Government insists planned expansions be reviewed in public.

Air travel costs likely to rise, budget appears to show

The 2010 budget looks set to lead to higher prices for air tickets.

Scotland tourism hit by worrying holiday figures

New figures released as the season kicks off paint a shocking picture of industry weakness.

Major hotel group in race to refinance £610m by Christmas

Five-star owners Maybourne need new financing by Christmas to stay out of creditor’s hands.

Are travel agents an endangered species?

A recent study of how people arrange holidays shows that the days of travel agents and package holidays may be over.

Get ready for heady excess-baggage charges

Airlines hunting revenues exploit the already-hated excess-baggage charge.

Travelodge noise wardens to enforce sleep

Noise wardens are a key part of Travelodge’s new sleep-boosting programme.

Perfect performance at London hotels ended by volcano

A 'near perfect' performance by London hotels in 2010 was ended by ash from the Icelandic volcano.

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